Analysis of Calculus Textbook Problems via Bloom's Taxonomy


In calculus courses, instructors often use the end-of-section problems in a textbook in homework assignments or other course assessments. As a result, these problems influence the teaching and learning of calculus. In this study, we examine the levels of cognitive demand of these problems in a mainstream calculus textbook and classify them within the framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy. We provide examples of the types of problems assigned to each of the six categories in this taxonomy and share some of the deliberations that led us to these assignments. Finally, we discuss the implications of our results for teaching calculus courses. We believe that our analysis will help calculus instructors be more cognizant of the cognitive demand of problems when assigning them for homework and, as a result, help them to appropriately support, assess, and enhance their students’ understanding of the topics.

PRIMUS, 2022